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Venue Statistics

Learn more about each Venue by simply tapping on them. You will be able to discover any Venue’s cover charge, events, reviews, and live information such as estimated wait times and daily deals.

Upcoming Events

What does your favourite venue have planned for the tonight? Skip calling in or finding their website: now you can see all the events they have planned for not just tonight, but later dates!

Live information

Assess any venues distance from your current location, estimated wait time, and current cover charge.


Easy Payments

All your payments in one convenient place. Drinks and food offered by the bar/club can be ordered and paid for through Nitelife.


Who doesn’t like saving money? We will be providing discounts and deals to help make your night that much more memorable... or unmemorable. Cheers!

Online Payment Integration

Canada is the most cashless country in the world. Now that you can connect your payment card (or other payment methods) to Nitelife, say goodbye to ATMs withdrawals at 9PM.


Smart Recommendations

We use your data to make things more convenient for you! Popular bars and clubs will be recommended to you based on location, people going, and general things you are interested in.


Whether you are looking for cool jazz, EDM, or hip-hop venues and events close by, pursuing them is now the least of your worries.

Map View

See what’s hot near you! A bird’s eye view of town will make venues partnered with Nitelife more reachable and easier to locate.


Skip the Line

There’s no longer a need for long wait times and cash payments at the door. Connect your debit/credit card to Nitelife to pay your cover charge in advance.

Interval Admission

No one likes waiting in line, especially in Canada’s -30°C. With interval admission, you can purchase a specific time (ex. 11:00PM - 11:30PM) that you would like to arrive at so there are only a few people being admitted at the same time.

QR Code

You will be provided with your own unique matrix barcode representing your profile. Did you know that your phone’s camera app scans QR codes as well? Try scanning ours!

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